Saturday, May 13, 2006

i havn't forgot you blog.

dude, im sorry i haven't written you in a few da..err weeks. exams + moving home = no time. im all set up now tho, my mom painted my room, its green green.

green is calm. green is inexperience. green is nature. green is ireland. green is venom. green is dragon. green is grass. green is my room. green is greed. green is go. green is life. green is toxic. green is eyes. green is emerald. green is reptile. green is Hulk. green is sick. green is tranquility. green is day. green is zombie. green is Shrek.

i can dig it.


here's a little something something to keep you entertained.

the other day i was bowling. In the alley i saw two men. One had a large cane, two stripes across his sweater and a top hat. The other had a shiny black suit, from foleys i think, with penny loafers on and in each slot there was a nickle. The two men walked in from the south entrance, the one furthes from the main entrance, kind of off in the back, but i saw them easily enough because of how strangely they looked. Sure their clothes may not have seemed out of the ordinary but when i saw them i knew something was wrong. the guy with the cane had no apparent limp and seemed to put little weight on the crooked thing, infact he almost had a beat to his step, as if he were listening to a song when no one was looking and sliding a skip into his step. Other than that, he seemed normal, or as normal as normal can be. The other guy was obviously wearing a wig, he didnt put it on well enough and you could see his grey hair sticking out in clumps below. Also, his suit was black as i mentioned but his pennys were brown and everyone knows you don't wear brown shoes with a black suit. so all these minor details were floating about in my head, little things that the average joe wouldnt see, but i saw it, i saw it all. So the two awkward men, walked to lane 15 without paying or getting any bowling balls, they just walked over and sat down. The man with the nickles in his shoes sat down at the small monitor and began punching away. the man with the cane sat down across from him, letting the cane drop to the ground. clank, cl-clank...He removed his hat, a bead of sweat slipped down his face. you may be asking yourselves, "how could i see all this?" well the two intrigued me so much and since they sat only 4 lanes away i let my son bowl the last 3 for me. he missed them all, each score wasn't great to begin with and he needed the practice. so back to the two that had so caught my attention. okay so the man with the cane just took off his hat...ah right, okay then he reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out something, i just caught a flash, it looked whitish but i really couldnt see. he sets it next to him, on the chair and then he looks at the dude on the monitor, still typing away. the guy at the monitor looks up and they make eye contact. a quick nod and then a reaffirming half pat half rub on the shoulder and the two stand up. Next, where my jaw kinda stoops a bit, the two kick off their shoes, but not before the one removed his nickles and then they both start walking down the lane... the man no longer using his cane out in front, eyes closed and with a strange smile. his left hand was twitching horribly and it seemed to get worse. it really looked as if at its current progression would soon rip his arm off. by now people were pointing and the 17 year old working the counter started getting nervous. some girls behind me said something like, "cindy look, someone escaped the mental ward, * hehehehe*" i found myself standing, drawn to the two, unable to take my eyes off them. as they got closer to the pins, i called for my son, demanding he come to me now. just as the man no longer carrying his cane came almost face to face w/ the pins and the wall above he stopped. his companion was about 5 feet behind him and he also stopped. i watched as his hands manuevered the coins about, like the magicians do, rolling them across his knuckles at the same time. the man no longer carrying the cane floated down to the floor, ghost-like, and then lowered himself onto his back and closed his eyes. by now my jaw was fully extended, my eyes questioningly darted to the employee who also just stared, unsure what to do. i gripped my son's hand, he whispered something inaudible. infact, altho it may not seem as impressive as it was, i was so locked onto the two that all else slipped away, including the noise. it was silent in my mind. Next the man in the foley's suit laid down ever so lightly and in one motion he placed the nickles over his eyes... and then nothing. no one moved. the bowling had stopped on all lanes. there was no crashing of pins...only silence or maybe there was and i was just caught up and immune to it all. at this point i dont really know what happened. but i do know that moments after he placed the coins on his eyes a green light caught my attention coming from the chairs they had previously occupied. the light sprang out of the seat like a puff of smoke swirling upward. its intesity grew as it got higher and higher. and when it got to just below the ceiling tiles, a concussive burst from within the green haze knocked me to the floor, my hand instantly went up to shade my eyes from the horrible light. it was the most bright green i have never thought could have exsisted. and just as it had instantly appeared it, it imploded in on itself and dissapeared. then down at the other end of the lane, the man who no longer had his cane was shaking so violently by now that the noise of his arm slamming into the lane drowned out all other noises or atleast it was all i could hear. then just when it seemed that his arm would tear away from his torso, all 10 pins burst into a green ash, misted away and the man lay still.. the other man lay motionless aswell. i looked at one and then the other and then back, searching for answers, back and forth. nothing. and then something caught me, or rather something didn't catch me, the flicker that the nickles had given..they were gone. his hands lay flat, palm up, empty. my mind screamed...what is going on, what the hell is going on. not a second later, the most horrible sound, imagine nails on a chalkboard x 10. it sounded like a strange wood being torn apart with that erie screeching. and then my eyes bounced back to the start of the lane. there the floor had been ripped up mysteriously as if something invisible was pulling it from the ground. once the short side of the rectangular lane had been completely ripped up, it then started to spin in on itself, as if it were a carpet being rolled up. it looked absoultely effortless but the screeching that it made as the wood splintered and ripped apart was unbearable. i tried to cover my ears but it was useless. the two men still stayed motionless. i yeared to call out to them. to warn them of the impending impossibility approaching, but i couldnt. i couldn't do anything. it all happend so fast...the floor splintered and screamed as it rolled itself up into a tighter and tighter rod and then just before it got to the top of the men laying down it paused, as if it were thinking of stopping... but it didnt. it spun even faster and sucked the motionless man right in. his body instantly flattened as it went inside and i could see the color of his shiny foley's suit zip around inside untill he was completely gone. i screamed and screamed but it was like that dream where you need help but no matter how hard you try you can't yell, nothing will come out. i tried, but it was useless. the out of control bowling lane continued on its course of destruction and did the same to the man that no longer had his cane. he was sucked in just as horrifyingly. as soon as his feet had dissapeared and the essence of him was no longer visible on the rod it spun faster and faster. it looked as if it were getting smaller also, compacting in on itself. when it was about the size of baseball bat it stopped spinning, rotated itself so that it was perpendicular to the floor and launched itself strait up, crashing through the cieling and leaving us with a concusion wave that knocked me to the ground. when "the dust settled"...i stood up, it took a while to stop coughing because the blast had hammered away at my lungs, knocking the air out. my son's hand was white and cold in my hand, i released my grip, which may have been a little tight. i lifted my eyes and began to look around. just as the scene filled my mind it was as if the sound clicked back on. immediatly i heard my son screaming uncontrollably and as the haze cleared i could see that everyone in the bowling alley was looking directly at me. i scanned the disgusted faces looking for answers, looking for anything. but there were noanswers. there were never any answers.

"i don't know how my son got those marks on his arm, i just don't know." i said, as i burried my face into my hands, begging for help.

Dr. Larson touched my shoulder, it felt warm, she said, "James, we'll get to the bottom of this...It's going to be okay."

but i knew it wasn't. There is no such thing as "okay".

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