Sunday, September 21, 2008



savannah said...

LOGO: your bird is yelling. i like the mix of curves/sharp corners. the eye is a little close to the edge of the bird, though.

SIGNATURE: the brown's tight. so are the other colors. i like the speech bubble larger like that. is there something funky going on with that bird's middle foot?

TAGLINE: those blue dots on the i's are nice, but i just really want to see them repeated or reversed elsewhere or something. but i don't know because it'd look weird if you made the dot on the ! white, which is really all i can come up with, so... did i mention i like the no-centers in the letters? i'd bring the tagline in a little... so the left side lined up with the point on the a/thing around the a. the bottom left corner of your v is protruding from the outline = nicht so gut. fix that. then go jump in a pool of jello AND spaghetti and eat it all.

rachel... said...


I love the little bird. The logo's content is neat. It is simple and fun. I do wonder why the bird changes size every time you use it. I like it when the bird is a little bigger. Just think about if you had to shrink your logo down. the bird would then become a dot. The logo you used in your signature is much better. I like the proportions more =)

Signature -

Very fun and catchy. I like the color of the visualization part. The font is really unique and I like that. It would catch my attention


as a composition I really really like it! It is super appealing and draws the eye. I could see that on a t-shirt. The only thing I would point out is the font of "communicating virtual ideas" It doesn't seem to fit. The viz part is so edgy and fresh and then the other is just plain and simple. Other than that I like it.